Who’s Coco?

Kyoko (Coco)

  • Technical Writer and Editor
  • Japanese Teacher (Adults)
  • Completed TESL Canada Program
  • B.A in Linguistics, Osaka University

I was born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan. I studied English Linguistics at the University of Osaka, and have worked/lived in Australia, Singapore and now Toronto, Canada.

With 3+ years of success in the field of technical writing and editing, I am committed to improving your documents while retaining the uniqueness and diction that showcase your personality and intention.

So why “Coco”? My actual name is Kyoko, but Coco’s a nickname I picked up during my travels.


Why I Started This Service

Throughout this continuing journey of mine to acquire native level proficiency in English, I always wished to have had my writings proofread by a native speaker. I’ll be honest, even the structure of that previous sentence is something I’m not entirely sure of. (And when is it okay to begin a sentence with ‘And’ or end one with a preposition?) Rest assured, I don’t have these issues when it comes to Japanese.

My passion has always been in languages and communications. This brought me to the decision to put my experience as a language learner and my training in teaching and editing towards helping others.

Whether it’s a business proposal, an academic paper, or even just an email or letter to a friend, CocoProofread strives to deliver accurate and culturally-appropriate work at an affordable rate and in a timely manner.


Wanna know some fun facts about Japan? Please follow :)